Get years ahead with the real-time data pipeline. Now.

Don’t hire data engineers and developers. There's already a shortage of them on the market. Don’t spend time developing something that’s already been done. Development of reliable real-time data processing takes at least a year. You don’t have that time. You need live data today. Heck, you needed that yesterday!

Give us your data sources and get a pipeline streaming TB's of your data to any destination.

Datachine gives you what you need: Automated and reliable data processing.

Helps you to scale your data-driven business worldwide. Works great especially for real-time fraud detection, fintech/adtech systems, or the betting industry. It's extremely durable, with automated self-healing and data-correction features.

Fault tolerance

Datachine is a resilient data pipeline you can rely on for your data-driven decisions. Data source outages are handled automatically.                         

Auto recovery

Datachine makes sure your reports are as relevant as possible. All data gaps are automatically imported as soon as they’re filled in your data sources.


You can count on Datachine’s reliability. What pierces through Datachine’s automation is captured by real-time monitoring watched by our engineers up to 24/7.

Data testing

Cut the hours billed by one of the most expensive engineers on the market. Employ automated data quality checks instead of the precious data-engineer time.


We push network latencies down by spinning servers whenever your data is. Datachine hotline is available for your timezone up to 24/7.                   


Datachine scales up with your business. Can easily scale up to TB’s of streamed data an hour.                                                                                          

It's complex but neat. Built for the ultimate efficiency.

Data extraction: Behind VPN, public, non public, open AP'Is. Anything flies.

Data processing: Validation, transformation, entity enrichment, data-based alerts, fraud detection. You can get it all.

Data loading: Any database, API, DWH, you choose your destination. Datachine delivers your data in seconds! Anywhere.

We maintained the data pipeline for our reporting internally. In our team meetings, we had to deal with missing or incorrect data in the reports repeatedly and also with their time-consuming manual recovery. Our cooperation with the Datachine team has brought us relief from the very first days. The implementation team was looking for answers to data discrepancies and the whole project of extensive data migration as well as a complete change in technology ran surprisingly smoothly. On the agreed day, we received the recalculated historical data with zero deviations. Since the migration, the data for our reports is always reliable and up to date. Any potential issues with data sources are solved proactively without the necessity of our intervention. Our TCO has decreased and our productivity has increased. I can recommend Datachine knowing that our data is taken care of 24/7.
David Voráček, CEO Czech Publisher Exchange
"I was pleased with how fast Datachine delivered proof of concept of the streamed data pipeline. Less than 30 ms processing speed and data enrichment included. I'm happy with it, so I can't complain. Which is very fucking rare. I love complaining. It's my favorite pastime."
Peter Hardman Head of product strategy, OpenTag
Our CPEx reporting tool has been gradually expanding for years, increasing its complexity but unfortunately losing its reliability. We dealt with data inaccuracies and occasionally with failures due to technical reasons. We also did not have access to all the dimensions available in the reporting tools and we could not utilize the full potential of what the individual platforms had to offer. The Datachine team helped us analyze the causes of our problems. We agreed on an implementation plan, which our mutual cooperation allowed us to adhere to and to fulfill. The bugs that have appeared over the years are fixed, automatic checks are set up together with a simpler and more reliable tool and we have cut the costs of ongoing maintenance and repairs.
Martina Maťašová, Project manager Czech Publisher Exchange

Hire technology, not people. Hire Datachine.

Push your business years forward with real-time data processing. Use Data as a service model .
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